Branding Opportunities in Sports & Lifestyle Events

Sports and lifestyle events are going on round the year these days. Indian Premier League, Indian Super League, Pro Hockey League, Pro Kabaddi League, then there are various global sporting events like World Cups, the Olympics which take place after a period of four years, then we have our popular lifestyle events like Lakme Fashion Week, Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week and not to mention plethora of beauty pageants have become quite an household name these days. Almost everyone knows what these events are and they have a very strong fan following. What this brings, is an opportunity for marketers to brand their products and company, to reach their target customer base through these events and leverage the already established brand of these events to great effect. According to Nielson, Beijing Olympic was watched by 4.7 billion people all over the world. Just by looking at the number we can say the branding opportunity provided by such events is massive. With such event providing a great opportunity, corporate brand activation companies are perfectly using sporting and lifestyle events for brand activation.

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Increasing use of technology in Corporate Event Management

Technology is affecting all business and personal activities in a positive way. With the growth in Information, Communication and Technology sector a paradigm shift has taken place in every business activity. With this scenario a spike in increase of technology is seen in how corporate events are conducted and managed. With time old methods are taking a backseat and making way for technology, which is improving reach, ROI as well as engagement with the customers and prospects. Marketers need to take full advantage of technology in order to keep up with pole position.

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Brand Activation: Why is it essential for every marketer in today’s age?

Can you imagine that your company manufactures mobile phone, and no customer knows whether they are high end or budget phone or the ones that provide great cost benefit ratio or the customer doesn’t have any emotion attachment with your product? Today you cannot survive with having a good product and service only, what you need is an emotional connect with customer that cuts through all the competition and media clutter. This is where brand activation comes into play.

Let me give a simple example, you want to buy a bottle of water, so what do you ask the shopkeeper to provide? Bottled water? Packaged drinking water? Or you ask for a Bisleri? Of course you always ask for a Bisleri. How come a bottle of water became Bisleri? The answer is simple a bottle of water is positioned in your mind as a Bisleri. The company has succeeded in activating the brand, creating a position of brand in your mind. This is what brand activation does. It creates an imprint on consumer’s mind.So apart from quality, service and price of product, what you need is a brand full of life. A lifeless brand which doesn’t ring any bells in customer’s mind is not going to help marketing in any way. Continue reading

Role of Event Management in Business to Business Marketing

Events hold a great importance in integrated marketing communication. It creates a buzz about the product or brand, it creates a fan following even before the user has experienced the product or service, it creates a positioning for your product or service and most importantly it creates sales-ready leads. However events are difficult to manage, they need meticulous planning, they need a crystal clear message that company wants to convey through it. But still events have held their place in marketing communication. Continue reading

Experiential Marketing Vs. traditional marketing

It has become conventional wisdom to say that marketing plays an important role (if not the most important role) for any business under the sun. With the advent of new technology, changing trends and other factors, the approach to marketing has also shifted dramatically. Marketing as a field has taken a quantum leap forward and the most successful marketers are those that keep themselves up to date. Although the basics of marketing and its objectives haven’t changed and perhaps will never change, but the applications on the other hand are dynamically changing and evolving all the time. New trends like digital marketing and extensive CRM (customer relationship management) to name a few are soon taking over the status quo.There is also experiential marketing (also known as engagement marketing) which is being used extensively by many for brand development. Now some of you may wonder which is better traditional marketing or experiential marketing. Continue reading